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HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card is an entry-level credit card offered by HDFC. Get maximum benefits while applying through Roopya.

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As you know, HDFC Bank is one of the renowned banks of India. The HDFC Moneyback Credit Card is one of the popular credit cards. It is specially designed for customers to give them special benefits and other different perks to customers.

Highlights of HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card

Welcome Benefits500 Cash points on annual fee payment
Joining FeeRs. 500
Annual FeeRs. 500
Reward Points2 Reward points per Rs. 150 spent
2X Reward points on every Rs. 150 spent online
Milestone BenefitsFirst year annual fee waived off on spending Rs. 20000 within 90 days
Minimum IncomeFor salaried customer: Gross monthly income > Rs. 25000
For self-employed segment: ITR> Rs. 600000 per annum
Fuel Surcharge Waiver100% fuel surcharge waiver, max Rs. 250 per billing cycle

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To know more about the HDFC Credit Card, you need to read further below-

Features of HDFC Moneyback Credit Card

Here are some exciting features that you should know about the special deals of HDFC Credit Card-

Welcome Benefit

You get a welcome benefit with the credit card when you become the moneyback reward cardmember. As a welcome benefit, you will get 500 points as reward points. Along with that, if you renew your card in the next year, you will get extra 500 reward points.

Fuel Surcharge

The bank also offers a fuel surcharge waiver to its moneyback credit card customers. The minimum amount for fuel transactions is Rs. 400. In this way, you can easily save around Rs. 1800 every year on fuel purchases.

Online Transactions

You can easily do your online shopping using the HDFC Moneyback Credit Card. Along with that, you also get a chance to earn several rewards that you can redeem later.

Benefits of Interest- Free Credit

It means, that with the HDFC Moneyback Credit Card, you will enjoy a long interest-free credit of 50 days from the purchase date.

Zero Lost Card Liability

After that, you get a benefit of Zero Lost Card Liability with your HDFC Bank Moneyback Credit. It means that if your credit card gets lost or stolen, then you will not have to pay for further transactions. But to avail of this benefit, you have to make sure that you immediately report the HDFC Bank. In this way, the bank can take necessary actions to block the card.

Safe Transactions

The HDFC Moneyback Credit Card is safe and you can use them for transactions without any worries. They are enabled with a chip that ensures that your money is safe. Also, you can swipe or dip this card in the POPS which are not enabled for the chip. Also, you will remain safe from fraudulent transactions.

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Benefits of HDFC Moneyback Credit Card

Milestone Benefits

You also get milestone benefits using the HDFC Bank Moneyback Credit Card. If you spend Rs. 50,000 on your retail purchases every quarter, then you get a milestone benefit. In this, you will receive an e-voucher of Rs. 500. The voucher has a validity of 60 days. You can go to the official website of HDFC Bank and redeem the benefits.

Cashback Offers

HDFC Bank also offers cashback benefits to its customers. In this benefit, you will get 2 reward points on every retail purchase. Along with that, you will receive 2 times extra points for online transactions.

Reward Points

The HDFC Bank also offers several reward points for its HDFC Moneyback Credit Card users. In this program, for the spend on Rs. 150 on every purchase, then you will get two reward points. Along with that

Moneyback Reward Points

You will also earn money back reward points for the purchase of Rs. 150 using the HDFC Bank Moneyback Credit Card. You can redeem your reward points with several gifts, offers, and air miles from the list of the HDFC gift catalog.

Eligibility Criteria of HDFC Moneyback Credit Card

These are the following Eligibility Criteria that you should meet to apply for the HDFC Bank Moneyback Credit Card-

Age Limits

The minimum age to apply for HDFC Moneyback Credit Card for both salaried and self-employed users is 21 years.


For salaried individuals who want to apply for HDFC Moneyback Credit Card should be between 21-60 years of age.


For the self-employed applicant, the maximum age to apply for HDFC Moneyback Credit Card is 65 years.

Credit History

After that, the applicant should have a record of good credit history. The bank will look after all the factors such as ongoing debts, repayment habits, credit history, etc. Thus you must maintain a good credit score.

Documents Required for HDFC Moneyback Card

These are the documents that you need to submit to apply for Moneyback Credit-

Income Proof

  • Adhaar Card
  • PAN Card or Form 16
  • Income Tax Return Copy of Past Six Months

Residential Proof

  • Electricity Bill
  • Ration Card
  • Adhaar Card
  • Driving Licence

Identity Proof

  • Driving License
  • Voter ID Card
  • Adhaar Card
  • Two Colour Passport Sized Photograph

Steps to Apply for MoneyBack Credit

It is very easy to apply for HDFC Bank Credit Card. If you fit in all the above criteria, then you can visit your nearest HDFC branch and ask the bank executives for further process for application. They will guide you throughout the whole process easier.

You can also apply for a credit card online. For that, visit the website of HDFC bank and follow these steps-

  • Go to the top of the page and click on “Click Eligibility.”
  • Then, fill in the necessary details such as name, age, etc.
  • After you will be eligible, you will get the option to apply for a credit card.
  • Then submit all your details and upload your documents.
  • Click on Submit and you are done.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from the bank. You can also track the application status of your credit card by using the application ID given by the bank.

Charges and Fees for HDFC Bank Moneyback Credit

To know more about the fees and charges of Moneyback Credit card, read below-

Joining Fee– Rs.500

Annual Fee– Rs. 500

Fee for Cash withdrawal– The minimum charge for cash withdrawal is Rs. 500. The bank will charge 2.5% as a cash withdrawal fee of the total amount.

Fee for Rewards Redemption– On every request, the bank will charge your |Rs. 99.

Limit for Cash Advance– You will have to pay 40% on the total credit limit.

Fee for Cash Processing– Rs. 100.

Fee for Foreign Currency Transaction– The bank charges 3.5% upon the total transaction amount.

Charges for Payment Return– The minimum amount for payment return is Rs. 450. Also, it will charge you 2% on the total amount of the payment.

Reissuance of Card– Rs. 100.

Outstation Cheque Fee– For cheque up to Rs. 5000, you will be charged with Rs. 25. For payment more than Rs. 5000, you have to pay Rs. 50.

Fees for Late Payment– For payment up to Rs. 100- Nil. You have to pay Rs. 100 for dues between Rs. 100-Rs. 500. You will be charged with Rs. 400 for due between Rs. 501-Rs. 5000. Then you will have to pay Rs. 500 as late fees between Rs. 50001-Rs. 10,000. Rs. 750 for payments due more than Rs. 10,0001.

Frequently Asked Questions For HDFC Credit Card

To solve your queries regarding the HDFC Credit Card, you can read further below-

How to redeem reward points in the moneyback card by HDFC?

To redeem reward points by HDFC credit cards, you must have at least 25000 points. After you earn your reward points, you will have to select “Cash” for redemption. Thus, with every 100 points, you will get Rs. 20 as moneyback rewards.

What is the limitation of the HDFC credit cards?

It is the bank that is responsible to set the limits for a credit card. You get several lifestyle benefits along with the limitation. The limit is set depending on various factors. But, the maximum limit for a credit card will be Rs. 1.5 Lakhs to Rs. 2 Lakhs. Also, the minimum limit is Rs. 250,000. When you will receive your credit card, you will get to know about the limit immediately.

Is it possible to use HDFC credit cards for online spending?

Yes, you can use HDFC credit cards for your online transactions as well.

How to get an add-on credit card for my family members?

Your family members can also get access to several benefits that come along with the credit card. During application, you can also apply for an add-on card or supplementary card for your family members. These are the family members who are eligible for the supplementary credit card-

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Spouse
  • Sister/Brother
  • Daughter/Son

What are the documents required to apply for HDFC Credit Cards?

These are the important documents that you will require to submit for obtaining HDFC Credit Cards-

  • PAN Card Photocopy
  • Bank Statement
  • Recent Coloured Passport Size Photograph
  • Adhaar Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Salary Slip of recent months
  • Income Tax Return of Past Six Months
  • Electricity Bill
  • Passport

What are the minimum and maximum ages to apply for HDFC Credit Cards?

The minimum age of the applicant should be 21 years for both salaried and self-employed applicants. Also, for Self-employed individuals, the maximum age is 65. But for salaried persons, the maximum age to apply for an HDFC credit card is 60 years.

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